About Us

We are a comparison platform for different crypto saving plan providers. We want to enable and help you to make better decisions about why, how and where to buy cryptocurrencies recurrently (as a savings plan).

Crypto Dollar Cost Averaging

Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, are getting more and more mainstream. Individuals and organizations understand the idea of Bitcoin and solid crypto projects and want to participate in the rise of cryptocurrencies by buying a given coin.

The cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile. A common approach is to Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) into Bitcoin or any other given coin. The idea of buying an asset periodically to reduce emotional misbehavior and to ā€œstick to a planā€ is quite common in the financial world. Mostly known as a savings plan for ETFs, stocks or other assets.

The infrastructure for crypto savings plan services is small but growing. However, for individuals it can be hard to compare different services regarding their needs (e.g. lowest fees, desired coins, availability in jurisdiction).