Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) with Cryptocurrencies


What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)?

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy to invest in a financial asset on equal intervals with equal amounts. This type of investing results in a strict, non-emotional savings plan execution where the same amount is always used to purchase a

As a result, the quantity of the purchased asset can be less or more, depending on the price. The result is an average purchase price that more or less reflects the price trend of the asset.

Why Dollar Cost Averaging in Crypto?

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile which scares investors and could prevent you from investing in cryptocurrencies. Bull and bear markets are usually more extreme than in other asset classes (e.g. stock or bond market). When picking the right cryp

Cryptocurrencies are an emerging new technology where you can benefit in the success by owning a coin or token. Longterm investors can profit by investing without emotion and consistently in a crypto asset that represents value in a Blockchain network.

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