CryptoDCA on Blockchance 2023


CryptoDCA was present in the Blockchance 2023 in Hamburg!

Blockchance 2023 - Congress Center Hamburg attended Blockchance 2023 at the Congress Center Hamburg last week. The highly anticipated conference explored the future of blockchain technology and upcoming regulations.

The event showcased the upcoming changes in the industry (impact of MiCA in Europe), the future of regulations all around the world (after FTX disaster) among other topics, attracting a diverse range of participants, from startups to established companies. Spanning three floors, it featured captivating talks, engaging discussions, and exciting startup pitches.

Among the diverse topics, we were thrilled to be part of one of the biggest talks during the conference. Holger Rohm, the owner of, presented "I Buy a New Trending Coin Every Day for $100" one of the most visited websites not only in the German market but also in the English-speaking community in the crypto space.

What is the backstory behind this unique and exciting idea? From the website we can read the following:

The backstory behind this unique idea begins in early 2023 when our "Trending Coins" tool was developed. It identifies cryptocurrencies currently trending based on various metrics. Naturally, the question arose: Does this tool work as a trading strategy? Can one profit by buying the recommended coins? To find out, the plan was simple: Buy a trending coin daily for $100, track the results, and observe what happens.Buy a trending coin daily for $100, track the results, and observe what happens. -

Showcase - Insights from Holger

During the conference, Holger from shared insights from this journey, which included ups and downs, surprises, and both good and bad moments during this experiment. The most significant moment came when he compared buying trending coins to the prominent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Through our graph tool, Holger demonstrated that although trending coins can experience significant value increases (+15%), in the long run, they never surpass an established, pioneering coin like Bitcoin. This comparison was an eye-opener for attendees, highlighting how a strategic plan can yield more returns than short-lived hype. It reaffirmed why dollar-cost averaging (DCA) remains a superior strategy to buying trending coins. -

DCA's regular, fixed investments over time minimize market volatility, reduce the risk of poorly timed trades, and promote steady long-term growth without the pressure of timing market fluctuations. Following this disciplined strategy encourages a steady investment habitat and keeps you away from one of the biggest fears in the finance world. FOMO (fear of missing out). - Bitcoin

Summary attended the Blockchance 2023 conference in Hamburg, where one of the most insightful talks in this event, that surprised a lot of attendees at this conference, was the talk from Holger named “I Buy a New Trending Coin Every Day for $100“. who shared insights on buying trending coins

In this talk, Holger analyzed the performance of trending coins for the last 100 days and compared it against DCA with Bitcoin. Using the graph on, it was easy to compare the limitations of short-lived hype and emphasized the effectiveness of dollar-cost averaging (DCA) as a long-term investment strategy. DCA minimizes market volatility, reduces the risk of poorly timed trades, and promotes steady growth without the pressure of timing the market.